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WEEE waste collection Sheffield

WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, is a type of waste which many businesses and commercial organisations may be unaware of how to deal with appropriately. There is a responsibility on businesses, and indeed all owners of electrical equipment, to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way. It is not as simple as just throwing an old kettle into the bin and having it taken to landfill with other general waste that you dispose of.

WEEE waste disposal Sheffield

We work to ensure that our clients dispose of their WEEE in a way that is compatible with the latest waste regulations. In many cases, electrical equipment can be re-used. if this is the case then we can wipe confidential data from your equipment, ensuring there is no possibility that someone with malicious intent could discover your confidential information.

Our collection service can take care of all types of WEEE including; computers, mobile phones, monitors, lighting, fridges and other large domestic appliances, kettles and other small domestic appliances and any other kind of electrical equipment.