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Hazardous waste collection Sheffield

Disposing of hazardous waste correctly can be a challenge for business and commercial organisations, especially as the majority of business owners are not experts in the waste industry and do not have hours to spare pouring over complicated commercial waste legislation.

That is why we are here to make it easy for businesses and commercial organisations to dispose of their hazardous waste in a responsible and safe way. Our local waste collection teams are vastly experienced in dealing with hazardous waste,collect and dispose all it as part of a professional and efficient service your business can trust.

Hazardous waste disposal Sheffield

Failing to deal with hazardous waste appropriately can carry severe consequences for anyone implicated in the activity. Unsurprisingly, hazardous waste can be extremely harmful to the environment, but it can include items you may not have originally though would be classed as hazardous waste.

For example, fluorescent light tubes constitute hazardous waste, yet they are hardly the first image which springs to mind when someone says hazardous waste.

Here is our list of materials which constitute hazardous waste:

    Lead-acid batteries
    Electrical equipment containing hazardous components such as cathode ray tubes (e.g. televisions)
    Fluorescent light tubes

We can ensure that all your hazardous waste is collected and disposed of in accordance with the latest regulations. If you want to ensure that your hazardous waste does not go on to damage the environment and endanger others then our professional collection service is here for you.